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K.I. SAMEN is the biggest private A.I. station in the Netherlands. Through a cooperation between the A.I. centre and the livestock dairy farm, we can see the results of our breeding program next door. Both from our headquarters in Holland as through a distributor network, we sell our bull semen on all continents worldwide. As for genetics, our philosophy is based on proven practical breeding. Holstein Friesian (HF) bulls are our main business, but in fact we offer all kinds of breeds for dairy, beef and dual purpose, such as MRIJ, Jersey, and Brown Swiss. Not to forget our Belgian Blue bull for crossbreeding. We achieve cattle improvement by advising the best suited bulls for our cows, a selection rooted in cow families which have proven themselves on dairy farms.




K.I. SAMEN delivers more width Livestock farmers' most-heard wish is more width in cows. K.I. SAMEN considers the cow and helps farmers find bulls with width in terms of build and pedigree.  Not every bull is suitable for every cow, but thanks to sufficient variation in bulls that have proven themselves in practice, K.I. SAMEN ensures trouble-free, healthy daughters with a long lifespan and high lifetime production on the farm.  


As a global player in the field of cattle improvement, we also feel a commitment to poorer nations. To demonstrate our commitment, back in 2006 K.I. SAMEN took its first step to help local farmers in Mali improve their livestock. In 2011, the first farmers actually started with improvement programmes and now ten years later, they have achieved numerous successes. We maintain warm contacts with the local farmers and are happy to share one of those success stories here.  

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