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K.I. SAMEN is the biggest private A.I. station in the Netherlands. Through a cooperation between the A.I. centre and the livestock dairy farm, we can see the results of our breeding program next door. Both from our headquarters in Holland as through a distributor network, we sell our bull semen on all continents worldwide. As for genetics, our philosophy is based on proven practical breeding. Holstein Friesian (HF) bulls are our main business, but in fact we offer all kinds of breeds for dairy, beef and dual purpose, such as MRIJ, Jersey, and Brown Swiss. Not to forget our Belgian Blue bull for crossbreeding. We achieve cattle improvement by advising the best suited bulls for our cows, a selection rooted in cow families which have proven themselves on dairy farms.




Big Malki confirms his name as the most impressive son by Hoekland Maik. Over the years, Malki has shown a continually rising line as a bull who produces superb dairy cows. In addition, a growing number of daughters also continue to show strong development every year which has resulted in 11 daughters meriting excellent in the period tested. Cows that make farmers content! That is K.I. SAMEN's vision of breeding: ensuring easy, healthy and practical dairy cows who produce plenty of milk! K.I. SAMEN still has conventional semen from the top bull Supershot, a proven bull who has headed the global rankings for years. Daughters by Superhsot have a long, active life on dairy farms and combine very high milk production with very good fertility.


Our highest ranked, daughter-proven newcomer, the beautifully built red-and-white bull Red River shows multiple qualities: good, all-round production and conformation transmission, persistency in milk production, super udder health, kappa casein BB and an outcross bloodline. This Riverboy son out of a Fraiko dam ticks all the boxes.   

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