Once again K.I. SAMEN is publishing the 305-day yields for its bulls with daughters in the milk inspection system. These figures are all averaged on 305 days and we publish them every year. 
This year we are pleased to report that we have the first bull to average over 11,000 kg of milk with his daughters in their third list. Of course you could have guessed that, because we are talking about Big MALKI; he may have only 17 daughters as yet, but he scores very high with 11,259 kg of milk. The unique aspect of his milk inheritance is the increase in yields with every lactation. From the first to the second list he adds more than 1,700 kg of milk and, from the second to the third, more than 1,500 kg, setting a new standard. 
Of the bulls with more than 50 daughters in the fifth list, NORWIN rf  has the highest production average of all. He increases the average yield of his daughters every year. In the red-and-white ranks,TIMELESS daughters are the top milk producers, scoring almost 10,500 kg on average in the third list. Red-and-white bulls average slightly lower than black-and-white bulls, but higher than MRY bulls. However, the MRY bulls score much better on components. 
The full list is available to download here. You can also order from your breeding adviser or email the office (ki@ki-samen.nl) or ring us on +31(0)77-3586789. K.I. SAMEN is there for you! 
Big Malki: the first bull to average over 11,000 kg with his daughters in the third list


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