As was expected, the qualities of Big Malki continue to surprise everyone. His daughters, now on their third record, are propelling his production index to unprecedented heights. This is demonstrated by the 305-day production realised by his daughters. His score for conformation has also been improved on resulting in an improbably high figure of 113.  VVH Repairman, the bull behind an amazing daughter group at Hardenberg, is also showing gains in milk production, components and longevity scores. A bull who does full justice to his name. He repairs cow, improves them and is a good bull for maiden heifers. 
06416-Dochtergroep Repairman Hardenberg.jpg
Daughter group VVH Repairman, Hardenberg 2018
But the biggest surprise is reserved for the new number one in the Netherlands; huge congratulations for Cogent: Cogent Supershot. He may never have been the highest scoring genomic bull in the country, but he certainly is now. His daughters on their second lactation, and his first daughter to start performing in her third, all show further improvements in production volumes. And he boosts these production qualities even more with fabulous secondary traits and good conformation.
In the red-and-white segment, Gruthuus Manhattan has stepped out of Malando’s shadow. He scores extremely well with 1,000 kg of milk and plus 0.17 protein, daughters on their fifth calves and 107 for conformation. He also offers the A2A2 variant and BB kappa casein. 
05503-elza 33.jpg
Elza 33 (s. Manhattan) Owner: Bardoel V.O.F., Ravenstein-Deursen

Making his debut is Keur Tristan Red Pp and, of course, Batenburg Geronimo rf. A red factor Maik son, who passes on gigantic milk production and breeds incredibly strong cows. Dairy farmers who milk daughters by Geronimo rf describe them as easy to manage milkers who certainly know how to fill the milk tank! 
The Belgian Blue beef on dairy bulls at K.I. SAMEN have again shown a strong, positive performance. Dino van de Graashook enters the charts with a score of 125 for maternal calving ease and a gestation of 96. More figures have also boosted the maternal calving ease score for Eltin van Maris and we expect this trend to continue for the next few index runs.  K.I. SAMEN currently offers a dozen proven beef on dairy bulls and has some promising young newcomers in the pipeline.
Dino van de Graashook


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