K.I. SAMEN has a wide range for everyone, including sexed semen.
Our portfolio includes black-and-white Holsteins, such as Big MalkiHoekland BonoVDR SlashGrashoek Moneymaker rfBeeze Maikman  and Big Clyde
In the red-and-white Holstein segment we offer Peeldijker Outlaw and Batouwe Patbull Red
Representing other breeds are Martijn (MRIJ), Sem 17 (FH), WS Trenton P and Sullivan (Jersey), Oelhorst Ak Bh Jolmer (Brown Swiss) and soon to be available, the lineback bull Keyenberg Linedancer Pp and Kentaro, a Wagyu bull. We also have semen from two Belgian Blue beef on dairy bulls: Bruno and Dorus (male sexed). And we have sexed straws of Holstiens from Cogent, such as Supershot, Buick and Twist,as well as their Jersey bulls and beef breeds. 
If you have any questions, please contact your breeding advisor or call the office. 
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36888 Dorus van de Plashoeve 36952 Grashoek Moneymaker rf


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