Last year was certainly a turbulent year - including for us personally: Nancy, Ralph and Bas Jr. The death of our father, Bas, but also all the phosphate-associated problems on dairy farms played an important role in how the year played out. 
It is now our turn, as the younger generation, to continue the lifework started by our father. His successful philosophy of “Practical proven breeding!” will remain the guiding principle. 
Ralph, Nancy en Bas Engelen_30-1-19.JPG
Ralph, Nancy and Bas jr. Engelen
K.I. SAMEN:  shaping the future, together with you
We are very happy that you are one of our customers. Together with our employees, we will work on further optimising our services. Investments will be made in automation  in 2019, but our most important objective is: Growth of K.I. SAMEN based on the quality proven in practice.
In the past year, K.I. SAMEN opened up five new export markets, as well as adding some very interesting bulls to its portfolio. The focus has remained on a farmer-friendly cow, an easy to manage, good milker who can perform for years without extra help. 
After the death of our father - the last of the trio of founders to leave us - it is up to us to continue their lifework. People always say the youth are the future, now we are ready to work with you and all your fellow cattle farmers on continuing the legacy they left us. 
K.I. SAMEN has its sights firmly on the future, but without losing its close links with practical situations. 
We would like to thank you all for your support. Let us make sure together that dairy farmers receive the rewards they deserve for their work and the recognition they deserve for their qualities!


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