Open House in Wroxeter (Ontario)

Hereby we would like to invite you for an Open House at a farm that uses 80% K.I. SAMEN bulls. The 30th of March H & S Holsteins of the Hofman family  at  90335 Gorrie Line Wroxeter, Canada. You are more than welcome to see the cows from eleven in the morning till three in the afternoon. 
During the Open House there will be explanations of aAa Weeks by approved analyzer Matt Dann. There will also be a workshop on longevity in dairy cows by Heike Hofman (owner of H & S Holsteins) and Lars van de Meulen of Dairy Vision Consulting. Over the last five years H & S Holsteins had a average lifspam production of 37921 kg of milk. In that period they had five cows producing over 100.000 kg of milk.
We hope to see you all the 30th of March.
Foto Facebook bericht Canada.jpg
Pictured is a Red Mystery daughter at H&S Holsteins.


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