The bull Cogent Supershot has retained his no. 1 position in the Dutch rankings. He has risen to 341 NVI and as such can be classified as a thoroughbred dairy bull, demonstrating more than 100 kg of fat and protein in his production index. His excellent secondary characteristics and exterior also contribute to making him a true top bull. As they become older, his daughters achieve even further production improvements. 
Cogent Supershot
Big Malki, the bull that has already produced 3900 milking daughters, has once again revealed a rise in his total index. Big Malki is the ultimate bull whose daughters continue to improve and produce even more as they become older.  
06241-corrie 330.jpg
Corrie 330 s. Big Malki, recently classified excellent 90.
His half brother VVH Repairman now also features prominently in the list, both literally and figuratively, with a positive rise in content levels. He has now achieved more than 100 kg fat and protein. In terms of exterior, VVH Repairman figuratively lives up to his name, too. He can repair cows in just one generation, with an exceptionally high advance score of 111. In addition, he is a heifer bull.
06434-repairman (snapshot nov 2018).jpg
VVH Repairman
Another newcomer is the bull Cogent Bill. This son of Balisto from an Epic mother is a bull with more than 700 kg of milk with +0.20 fat and +0.27 protein. He achieves a cell count score of 112, fertility of 105 and is excellently suited for use with heifers. In his exterior score we see well-balanced cows with excellent udders. He also has the A2/A2 and BB factor.
Another newcomer among the black and whites is the bull Weggelhorster Undercover. This Emerald out of a Prince mother, with a production of more than 300 kg of milk, has shown a rise in fat content of 1.03%. This results in 108 kg of fat, representing the highest inherited kg of fat of all bulls in the list. His cows are not the largest but they are broad-chested. The udder shape is slightly more voluminous, but still well squarely suspended. The Undercover daughters feature well-used legs. Undercover also has A2/A2 for beta casein. The inbreeding coefficient of Undercover is low, meaning he can be used problem-free on very large numbers of cows. 
06182-weggelhorsterer dirkje 242.jpg
Weggelhorster Dirkje 242 (s. Undercover) 
The bull Big Clyde, the Big Winner son from the mother of Big Malki, already had an index last time, but we decided not to include him on the list. We were still waiting for the milk production figures. He has now demonstrated a rise on the basis of milk, which although still negative does feature gigantic contents, namely +0.65% for fat and +0.26% for protein. He has also shown a considerable rise on the basis of life expectancy and exterior. For these reasons he is certainly worth a mention. 
06441-Cora 649.jpg
Cora 649 (VG 87) (s. Clyde)
Among the dapple reds, the established order have maintained their position in the list, but attention has been drawn by newcomer Attila. This bull of German origin has excellent outcross bloodlines from Perfect Aiko x Carmano x Laurel consecutively. This attractive typical bull features good milk volume with 80 kg of fat and protein. At 106, his fertility also features positively, as does his milk speed of 107 in combination with a cell count of 104. All in all, a bull suitable for wide use.
Also among Belgian Blue Beef Commercial Cross bulls, K.I. SAMEN once again achieves a good score and has further expanded its range. Alfa 2 has released figures demonstrating that he is likely to outpace his full brother in terms of ease of birth. In addition, both Elancher and Eltin have further improved their scores. Bruno remains frontrunner in terms of ease of birth and gestation period. No other bull has calves that remain in gestation for such a short time. Newly selected bulls have of course also been added to the extensive selection.  
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