This time, another topper has joined the extensive selection of beef on dairy bulls: ALFA 2 VAN DE PLASHOEVE. With more than 10 proven bulls, and various bulls waiting in the wings for testing and being reared, K.I. SAMEN presents a solid, comprehensive portfolio with a choice you can have the fullest confidence in. Plus, all the straws contain 20 million sperm cells, that have been, or will be tested by K.I. SAMEN. 

K.I. SAMEN has the most extensive crossing programme in the Netherlands. The Belgian Blue bulls account for the largest share of all breeds used for crossbreeding on dairy. We also study the suitability of other breeds for beef on dairy use. The overview below lists the latest ease of calving scores of the bulls that produce lighter calves.
  Maternal calving process (N) Gestation
BRUNO van de PLASHOEVE 129 85
DINO van de GRAASHOOK 126 97
NOUD van de PLASHOEVE 125 94
MENNO van de PLASHOEVE 125 92
DORUS van de PLASHOEVE 120 100
BOB van de PLASHOEVE 121 93
ALFA 2 van de PLASHOEVE 117 97
ELTIN van MARIS 113 99
OKKO van 't ZANDEIND 110 96
JOEP van de PLASHOEVE 108 98

The bulls below still have to be scored:
SHAUN – a Noud out of a David dam (2x beef on dairy bulls) from the Boszicht pedigree.
SENCO – a more muscled bull with a short gestation time for high quality calves.
RIVEUR – a bull with average muscularity and a short gestation time.
JORDY – a bull with a very short gestation time (270 days) and from the same family as Remco and Marco.
Please contact one of our K.I. SAMEN breeding advisors for more information or contact our office by e-mail or phone. We are happy to advise you further about the best choice of bull.  
06210-alfa 2.jpgAlfa 2 van de Plashoeve


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