The 2019 edition of the NRM is behind us. And this edition proved once again what a unique place to be it is for dairy farmers. The absolute crème de la crème of the Dutch Holstein population battled it out for the individual titles in the show ring, while various progeny groups presented a more informative picture. K.I. SAMEN was one of the organisations that showed a progeny group. The groups were presented on Friday. The contribution of K.I. SAMEN, in the shape of progeny groups by VVH REPAIRMAN and Big MALKI, most likely left an inedible impression on many spectators. We were inundated with compliments on the quality standard of these groups, regarding both uniformity and the individual class of the cows.
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VVH Repairman lives up to his name
The progeny group representing Repairman - bred by Van Veelen Holsteins - consisted of four second calvers and two heifers. The productive (ave. LV 116), uniform group of Repairman descendants have very good legs (in terms of both quality and leg use) and high quality udders. And calving ease bull Repairman certainly leaves his mark on the frames of his progeny - a trait clearly reflected in their width, strength and above-average body condition. Like no other, this bull fully lives up to his name by repairing shortcomings in over-extreme, dairy type cows by producing progeny with more strength and balance. 
06563-Dochtergroep VVH Repairman (bewerkt).jpg
Daughter group VVH Repairman, NRM 2019
Malki demonstrates why he is Big
At the NRM two years ago, K.I. SAMEN showed a group of heifers produced by Big Malki, bred by the Knoef family (Big Holsteins). This exceptionally uniform, high quality group was awarded the title of best progeny group at the show. So you could say it was taking quite a risk showing another group descended from the same bull two years on. However, based on the qualities in practice of Malki daughters, who have already calved several times, and as a way of demonstrating just how they continue to develop, it seemed like a good idea to put together another group. And, in retrospect, K.I SAMEN has no regrets about its decision. The cows that represented Malki this time at the NRM all showed plenty of balance, and have sublime, wide udders with a high attachment. This group of particularly uniform black beauties also have strong, clean legs with very good mobility. They perfectly illustrated just why Malki is “Big". But in this case big doesn't refer to size as in stature, but more to greatness in performance. The performance of his progeny group truly was glorious. Or to quote Paul Hannan, jury member at the NRM, who described Malki's group as: “This is the best daughter group I have ever judged in my life!” 
06561-Dochtergroep Malki NRM 2019 (bewerkt).jpg
Daughter group Big Malki, NRM 2019
K.I. SAMEN can look back on two fantastic day at the NRM. We would once again sincerely like to thank the owners of the cows in the groups that represented Repairman and Malki for loaning them to us. We greatly appreciate the enthusiasm and commitment shown by the owners. And finally, a word of thanks to the cow fitters and carers, who ensured the groups looked their absolute best during the show. And last but not least: our own staff, which again proves that it takes a winning team to produce a winning team! 
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K.I. SAMEN stand, NRM 2019


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