Following Big Malki sublime performance at the NRM 2019, his NVI score has gained another three points! But in fact, Malki has gone above and beyond the NVI as a result of his uniformly unique and amazing progeny group that was paraded at the NRM. There is no ignoring his enduring status as a top bull! His half-brotherVVH Repairman has dropped slightly in the NVI ranking, but his positive scores for passing on components and good stature maintain his standing as a unique bull. Enforcer, who has risen again in the rankings thanks to his daughters in their third milk record, is proof of the power of patience. His daughters produce milk well - but not in extremes- at the start, before going on to improve with age without any problems. Through his sire Emerald, he offers a fresh bloodline, which makes him ideal for all-round use. He produces hard working cows, who shine in herd instead of in the show ring.
Enforcer has risen again in the rankings..  

In the red-and-white segment, RH DG Adam Red made good progress and saw his index improve by 30 points. But in first place based on the TIP index, a red factor bull from a world-famous family made his debut appearance: Topspeed Samoa rf, a Maik son out of Topspeed Gini 3. The Gini family has already produced several super production bulls in the Netherlands, who usually stand out in a positive sense thanks to the huge rise in production in successive lactations. Red Mystery also further improved his TIP index and is also getting better with age. 

The TIP index was the best index for cattle farmers to use, certainly regarding phosphate. It will gain in importance as it is a more balanced index compared with the NVI index that over-promotes negative components. 
For the Belgian Blue segment, K.I. SAMEN is a sure-fire choice for better and reliable bulls, who perform well and offer a wide choice for traits such as maternal calving ease and muscling. 


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