The new index run once again offers plenty of perspective for fans of better cows. VVH Repairman is now the highest ranked K.I. SAMEN bull, offering vastly improved fertility, but also a better index for production and legs. An all-round top bull with plenty of chest width, which is a highly desirable trait in many situations.
06525-vvh repairman.jpg
VVH Repairman 
Cogent Bill
Ranked above Repairman is the Cogent bull Supershot, who continued to improve his fertility score. He still heads the rankings without losing too many points. Cogent Bill is an equally welcome addition from the UK with Dutch ratings. He will gift his progeny with good milk production and extremely high component percentages: +0.58% fat and +0.40% protein. Bill also scores positively for fertility, somatic cell count and persistency. Bill is a true reflection of today's needs, where rich milk is increasingly appreciated. In addition, he is an ideal bull for calving ease and also has A2A2 beta-casein and BB kappa-casein.  
Although Big Malki has slipped very marginally in the ratings, he remains a very popular choice for farmers wanting outstanding cows. He is closely followed by Enforcer who has shown progress in each successive index run as his daughters mature. Enforcer also improved his conformation score and now merits 106. 
Our newcomers
We would like to propose three newcomers: FaWi Caruso, the first son by Big Malki, has made an amazing debut - and that without scores for conformation contributing to his NVI. FaWi Caruso is jointly owned by K.I. SAMEN and Veecom. He displays great secondary traits in combination with beautiful conformation. VVH Bookmaker, a Bookem son out of Repairman's full sister, also passes on copious milk production partnered with good conformation to his progeny. And last but not least: Batenburg Arrow. Arrow was sired by Avid, who has had very few proven sons, out of a Roppa dam descended from the famous Ginster cow family. His conformation score is based on a very limited number of daughters but is largely better than his sire's figures. With his high milk production and positive scores for components, Arrow is also expected to make a great contribution to breeding better cows. Arrow is also a very good calving ease bull.
The bull Adam Red has increased his merit scores again and now occupies third place of proven bulls in the Netherlands. Attila also showed a slight rise, with a considerable increase in his production index. And ‘good old’ J & G Timeless continues to amaze. In this index run he has jumped by another 12 points. However, his transmission ability for components tends to limit widespread use. Newcomers Peeldijker Performer and FaWi Jovanotti are full brothers, with Performer scoring higher for both production and conformation. These two Pitbull sons from the Liesjes family are Pitbull's first proven sons in the Netherlands. 
06514-adam red.jpg
Adam Red 
BB beef on dairy bulls
Two bulls have been ranked for the first time in the BB beef on dairy segment. Shaun van de Graashook makes an impressive debut with a score of 120 for calving ease, which brings him closer to the level achieved by his sire Noud. Senco van Maris starts with very little information. He rates 103 for calving ease, which is a very good score considering he started with an EBV for calving ease of 94. At 94 his gestation length is clearly shorter than average, but his calves are more muscular than average. He is expected to achieve around 110 for calving ease.
Senco van Maris


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