In times of uncertainty, what we all want is certainty. The stats in this index run once again demonstrate that we can deliver just that, partly thanks to our strong focus on solid, reliable cow families. Good, proven cow families hugely increase the chance of success and that is reflected in the results.
Big Malki has maintained his status in the black-and-white segment. Especially in view of the fact that bulls with a high number of daughters have all dropped in the rankings, his minor correction is negligible. Despite VVH Repairman having to concede some ground, his relatives VVH Boobytrap and VVH Bookmaker scored very well, with Boobytrap showing his impressive ability to pass on components. Hoekland Bono with Bookem x Cogent Twist also has an unusual pedigree. His heritage is a cow family from one of the important Holstein bulls of the past decade: Hoekland Maik. His dam is Bono's great grand dam. An all-round inheritance pattern and a lot of youth. Farmers Wish Caruso is the first Big Malki son able to compete with his sire.

Repairman dochter

Grashoek Julia 92 (s. VVH Repairman) from 1st to 3rd lactation. A wonderful example of the late maturity and longevity demonstrated by Repairman daughters worldwide.
In red-and-white, a new appearance is made by Alphaman.  He is a full brother of Adam Red, and scores well for component percentages. Another two newcomers with pleasing scores are D'n Driehoek Red Devil (Pp) and Best Sun. Red Devil (Pp) is the highest ranked new bull and shows young, high-productive daughters, who are easy to manage. Half of them are polled. Best Sun descends from a well-known family and is the first Swissbec Brekem son, who, like his sire, shows a lot of youth.  

Devil dochter

Grashoek Thrincia 2 (PP) (s. Red Devil (Pp))

The Belgian Blue Bulls from K.I. SAMEN prove their qualities and form the ideal starting point for everyone who wants better quality calves that are born more easily. An undisputed champion in this respect is Bruno van de Plashoeve with a calving ease score of 134. He is followed closely by Dino van de Graashook with a calving ease score of 133. In general, the BB bulls from K.I. SAMEN have boosted their scores for calving ease by several points. Jordy van het Zandeind makes a very worthy debut with a calving ease score of 113, a figure that is highly likely to improve as usual over time as more births are registered. Especially for Jerseys, Menno van de Plashoeve, Dino and Bruno are very suitable candidates because of their white colour. 


Jordy van het Zandeind


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