Hoekland Bono's ranking places him as the leading black-and-white bull. Despite the further rise of Big Malki in the rankings, Bono has overtaken him. Calving ease bull Bono is a son of Bookem, which gives him positive credentials for milk, fat and protein, but also better scores for fertility and somatic cell count and he passes on super leg structure.  Bono also produces cows of moderate stature. His half-brother, VVH Boobytrap, from the VVH Repairman line, shows a similar transmission pattern with even better secondary traits. This bulls also excels in calving ease. Bono descends from the renowned Hoekland Maik cow family. His great-grand dam is Maik's dam and although Bono has a very different build, he reflects the secondary traits of this family.
Bono Volwassen
Hoekland Bono
Hoekland Kekke
Hoekland Kekke 105 (VG 86) (s. Bono)
Owner: Vogels, Erp (NL)
In the red-and-white segment, we begin with Alphaman. This Aikman son out of a Detox dam gives good milk production with positive component percentages and also scores very well for somatic cell count and fertility. The cows are on the small side but offer plenty of capacity with well attached udders with slightly longer than average teats. Alphaman is also a calving ease bull. Red Devil (Pp) is a polled bull sired by Timeless (Pp). He passes on high milk production and correct conformation, with rumps being a notably positive feature. The arrival of Grashoek Conqueror (Pp), the only Creon son in the Netherlands, is a welcome addition for farmers who want to breed polled cows. He scores almost 600 litres with neutral components and his productive daughters suggest that his conformation score is likely to show more improvement.
Cindy 36
Cindy 36 (s. Conqueror (Pp))
Owner: J.L.G. Enckvort, Evertsoord (NL)
The breeding values of calving ease bull HOR Best Sun have progressed very nicely in this index. His daughters, the first of which have produced their second calves, seem to have a persistent will to produce milk. In addition, his breeding values for conformation are rising in line with the number of registered daughters. The all-round heritability has remained, but now at a superior level. What makes him additionally interesting are the favourable scores for some of the currently highly requested traits. These include as a slightly more curved leg stance (rear leg side view), an above-average teat length and a wider rear teat placement. The especially positive contribution that Best Sun makes in terms of conformation is displayed in these attractive photos of his daughters Kooifarm Corrie 83 and Kooifarm Corrie 86 owned by the Klein Baltink family from Kring van Dorth (NL). 
Corrie 86
Kooifarm Corrie 86 (s. Best Sun) 
Corrie 83
Kooifarm Corrie 83 (s. Best Sun) 
And we mustn't forget our Belgian Blue beef on dairy programme. Bruno van de Plashoeve is a unique bull with a gestation length of just 85 days and a calving ease score of no less than 135 (another 1-point rise!). The youngest bull to be ranked has also boosted his score again: Jordy van ’t Zandeind now rates a gestation length of 90 and a calving ease score of 115 (up by 2 points).  
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