An industry-wide agreement in Switzerland prohibits the use of bull semen of cloned bulls and of the sons and grandsons of cloned animals. K.I. SAMEN is the first AI organisation to sign this agreement and is calling on the sector to do the same in the Netherlands.
Cloning halts herd improvement
Cloning represents genetic stagnation, as offspring have the same traits as the parent. However, there is no specific Dutch legislation that covers the import of clones, or cloned offspring or products.
K.I. SAMEN, however, continually engages in herd improvement by breeding healthy and efficient cows, that have been proven in practice. Cloning animals is incompatible with this vision and, moreover, it is a practice that is not accepted in society.
Agreement in the Netherlands
K.I. SAMEN is calling on the sector to establish a similar agreement in the Netherlands, so that concerted efforts can be made to ensure that healthy and clone-free herds are maintained in the Netherlands.  


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