Huntje Holstein Red River highest daughter proven newcomer

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Taking top place as the daughter proven bull for the red-and-white segment is newcomer Huntje Holstein Red River. This Riverboy son out of a Fraiko dam passes on copious milk production with neutral component percentages. His daughters have very good conformation which is also set to improve further in the scores. They have well-attached udders and slightly more curved legs with good locomotion. Red River daughters have good scores for fertility (105) and somatic cell count (110). These figures indicate they are very healthy, problem-free cows. Add to this the outcross lineage from this Anemoon line, and you have a bull with very impressive credentials.



DG RH Alphaman also improved his performance in this index run. This Aikman son continues his rise in the milk charts with positive components. His daughters are not particularly large but offer huge chest width and deep ribs. The udders are well attached and another positive trait are the longer teats. He also scores exceptionally well for the secondary traits somatic cell count (109) and fertility (104) and as the cherry on the cake, he is also a calving ease bull.

D’n Driehoek Red Devil Pp sustained his ranking in this index run. This Timeless son is distinguished by super milk production and a number of key traits he transmits to his progeny such as correct rumps and good udders. For secondary traits, he excels in hoof heath.

The inheritance pattern of Grashoek Conqueror P can best be described as resulting in trouble-free power-packed cows. Conqueror P daughters produce well with nice body width. They have robust udders and move very well. He also scores positively for secondary traits for fertility, somatic cell count and hoof health.

Black-and white retains high stable level

VVH Boobytrap, sired by Bookem, noted another an increase in his index ranking. This calving ease bull shows a nice production index with positive components. His heifers have a less than average stature - which is considered a plus point in breeding circles where many cows are too large. They score above average for chest width. The udder and leg inheritance is of an extremely good level, with a notably good teat length of 112 in a time when the teat length in the population is decreasing.

The second Bookem son we would like to highlight is Hoekland Bono. Bono daughters are characterised as very youthful heifers that mature nicely into their role during lactation. Bono has boosted his scores for both udders and legs. This calving ease bull also scores well for secondary traits.

And, who could overlook Supershot? A bull who has been a firm feature at the top of all the global rankings for years and combines ample milk production with great fertility. An additional advantage of his daughters is their durability and long productive life on the farm.

Over time, Big Malki has evolved into the ultimate bull for super dairy cows who simply improve every year. It is striking that even with a relatively old pedigree Malki manages to maintain his leading position among the toppers in conformation. We are the AI organisation that prefers to see the results proven in practice and Big Malki never fails to deliver in this respect. If you consider that the tally for excellent cows from the period examined in this run currently stands at nine, the future holds a lot of promise!

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