Alongside its broad offering in red-and-white and black-and-white Holsteins, Belgian Blue and Jerseys, K.I. SAMEN actively participates in other programmes. We have recently made a valuable addition in the shape of an MRIJ bull. Flynt is a well-developed, powerful MRIJ bull, who makes an imposing impression. His dam is registered with VG 89 and his grand dam merits VG 87 In addition, Flynt offers A2/A2 and an aAa code of 564; a welcome complement to our package.


In the Dutch Frisian segment, Bouwe 9 is a newcomer to our breeding programme. Bouwe 9 was bred by Mts. Van Dam-Faber. He is also a well-developed bull and carries the promise of lots of production, fertility and longevity from both his paternal and maternal pedigrees. Bouwe 9 also has A2/A2 and an aAa code of 516. Both bulls will be available this month. You can already reserve them in advance.
06849-Bouwe 9.jpg361207  |  Bouwe 9


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