A cow that becomes pregnant quickly results in a shorter calving interval. This leads to higher lifetime production.  K.I.  SAMEN offers farmer various solutions to increase the chance of conception. Our breeding programme includes various bulls with a high reproductive capacity. They have been selected from proven, durable and fertile families. 


Super fertiliser
K.I. SAMEN only awards the ‘super fertiliser’ logo to a bull once his performance has been proven in practice. Using a super fertiliser bull offers you the highest possible chance of conception. The table below shows our bulls with a super insemination performance in the B&W, R&W, Belgian Blue, Jersey and Brown Swiss segments:
B&W                     Belgian Blue
36628    Climax   36888   Dorus
36927    Ashburton   36878   Noud
36985    Geronimo rf   36983   Bob
361078  Talent   361127  Shaun
361096  Slash   361091  Alfa 2
361098  Evergreen                                
R&W   36915    Svend
36576    Abel   361129  Sullivan
36837    Outlaw    
36988    Red Diesel   BROWN SWISS
361092  Macgyver   36797    Fiorog
361151  Silverstone    
361145  Redstar    
361189  Gidion    
Bull chart
You can find the super fertiliser logo on our bull chart. This immediately highlights the bulls that belong to that category. Don't have the latest bull chart? You can download the chart from our website. Or contact our office on T. + 31 (0) 77 - 358 67 89 or by e-mail at stating ‘Request for bull chart’. You can also contact your representative.


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