It is vital to maintain as many as possible alternative pedigrees.  
K.I. SAMEN offers farmers the opportunity to access enough bulls with outcross pedigrees for wide application in breeding. The red-and-white segment in particular has a high demand for additional, high quality breeding bulls with a different bloodline.
Huntje Holstein Red River (Riverboy x Fraiko x Burgos) boasts a fabulous outcross lineage with two strong cow families in both his maternal and paternal lines with origins in Germany and North America. Both lines represent correct conformation and good production with high protein percentages.
Naam Huntje Holstein Red River (Riverboy x Fraiko x Burgos).


Red River’s sire Riverboy is a young son by the Canadian top all-round bull Aikman. Red factor carrier Aikman is an expert at transmitting components combined with abundant milk production and produces daughters with perfect frames and good udders and legs. And through his maternal line, Riverboy can also count the milk bull Planet in his pedigree and descends from the family of the German breeding bull Guarini. 

Anemoon cow family
Red River's maternal pedigree is the Dutchglen Chieftess family that originates from Canada. Red River's great great granddam, the excellent Classic daughter Anemoon 16 was extremely successful. She claimed the championship titles at shows in Laren and Lochem. In addition, her sons ACDC, Fireword and Striky Exit all had careers as breeding bulls. ACDC is a full brother of Anemoon 38 (VG 88), the great granddam of Red River. Mating Burgos with Anemoon 38 resulted in three female offspring including Red River’s granddam Anemoon 66 (EX 90). She ranks highest of the three, although her two full sisters also have good scores (average 86 points and 110 LV). The oldest daughter of Anemoon 66 is Red River’s dam Anemoon 117 (VG 86). She also shows the characteristic Anemoon traits; good conformation, lots of milk and high protein percentages.
Anyone wanting a wonderful outcross bloodline that offers high production and high protein percentages need look no further than Red River. Curious about Red River? Watch this video!
06094-Huntje Anemoon 117.jpg Huntje Anemoon 117 (VG 86) (dam of Red River).


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