When your cows are healthy, they have healthy production levels too. Daughters of Huntje Holstein Red River are proof of that! Red River’s daughters score high for fertility (105) and somatic cell count (110), which means they are very healthy, problem-free animals. They also produce plenty of milk with a neutral component inheritance.
06853-Rosanne 17 (grazend).jpg
Nijkamp Rosanne 17 (s. Red River). Owner: Mts. Bouwmeester-Stegink, Lochem (NL)


Another positive is their very good conformation, which is expected to climb in the rankings. His daughters also offer well attached udders. We can rightly say that Red River produces healthy daughters, who give milk in abundance with high protein percentages. Red River’s dam Anemoon 117 (VG 86) and his granddam Anemoon 66 (EX 90) show the specific Anemoon traits: correct conformation, high milk production and high protein percentages. Red River's great great granddam, the excellent Classic daughter Anemoon 16 was also extremely successful. 
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06854-Anemoon 251.jpg
Huntje Holstein Anemoon 251 (s. Red River). Owner: Mts. Oudenampsen-Ruiterkamp, Laren (NL).


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