Apina Borg (Lunar x Empire x Jerod Abel):is bull with a great reputation for components and an exemplary conformation which he has inherited from his pedigree line. Four successive generations of bulls that pass on high component percentages, who are all known to be good calving ease bulls and who score above average for, among other things, fertility. Combined with the good breeding performance shown by the Nadja line, this gives Borg a very realistic chance of becoming a breeding bull. Click here for more information.

Borg’s sire Lunar is one of these bulls that boost components. His daughters will have a slightly larger than average stature, with well above average width. This calving ease bull also excels in udders and legs, with extremely good scores for udder health, fertility, hoof health and durability.
Borg’s maternal line is the Nadja family. This pedigree has established a good international name over the years. This line originated in Italy and has claimed breeding successes in several countries, including the Netherlands. One of the best-known breeding bulls in the Netherlands is the red-factor carrier bull Malcolm, out of the excellent cow Nadja. This Ramos daughter has now produced 100,000 kg of milk and is still going strong. Through daughters of Levi and Balisto (both meriting a conformation score of 85 points) we arrive at Jerod Abel daughter Nadja 104, the grand dam of Borg.  Nadja 104 is ranked with 87 points, and thanks her high lactation values partly to the sky-high component percentages. Borg’s dam offers the same benefits. She produces component percentages similar to Nadja 104, and in terms of conformation scores even higher.
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