The A2/A2-bull Sandron Sparrendaal (Prestige x Camion x Redgold) has an outcross lineage with nicely complementary paternal and maternal lines. Where sire Prestige combines ample milk production with beautiful frames and correct udders, his dam's line represents high component percentages, robust frames and correct legs. Click here for more information.

Prestige (Brasil x Brekem x Chanel), Sandron’s sire, is a bull with an interesting, slightly unusual lineage. Prestige daughters partner good production with very good conformation. The well-developed Prestiges have good width, good legs and super udders (high and firmly attached). They also have a higher than average milking speed with a low somatic cell count.
The cows in Sandron’s maternal pedigree, the Daatjes, have great conformation (five generations VG), with their legs being a standout feature every time. The youngest four generations in Sandron's pedigree all score at least 86 points for legs, and in the young, related animals, legs continue to be an exceptionally strong trait. For instance, two half-sisters of Daatje 2670, Sandron's dam, score 87 and 88 points for legs with 85 and 87 points respectively for overall conformation. The only lactating daughter of Daatje 2670 until now, Sandron's half-sister Daatje 3160 (VG 87), shows the same pattern. This Brasil daughter is the sixth generation to rate VG and also has very correct legs (88 points). Her production also reflects the typical “Daatje" picture: good milk production with very high components.
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