Our highest ranked, daughter-proven newcomer, the beautifully built red-and-white bull Red River shows multiple qualities: good, all-round production and conformation transmission, persistency in milk production, super udder health, kappa casein BB and an outcross bloodline. This Riverboy son out of a Fraiko dam ticks all the boxes. 


His maternal line - the Anemoon family - also mirrors this good production and conformation inheritance pattern. For example, Red River’s dam Anemoon 117 (VG 86) shows the specific Anemoon traits: correct conformation, high milk production and high protein percentages. 
Red River’s daughters also display persistent milk production and score high for fertility (105) and somatic cell count (110). These figures indicate they are very healthy, problem-free cows. His daughters also offer well attached udders. Moreover, they have very good conformation and are expected to climb up the rankings. 
As you can see, Red River proves his qualities and last but not least… his outcross bloodline (Riverboy x Fraiko x Burgos) and BB for kappa casein makes him an unmissable bull!
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