E-nergy by Nature Annual Review 2020: 
At the end of 2019, Melkveerbedrijf Grashoek and K.I. SAMEN started using the solar energy park E-nergy by Nature. An array of 12,000 solar panels were installed on the dairy farm and the surrounding barns as a way of considerably reducing the company's CO2 emissions. The energy output of over 3 million kWh is enough to satisfy our own energy demands, and supply power to no fewer than 1,000 households. According to the ‘Annual Review 2020’ report issued by Full Power Support bv, the extremely sunny weather ensured the solar energy output exceeded the expectations.
Zonne-energie-Jaarproductie in kWh 2020.jpg
Annual production in kWh for 2020. Calculation Business Case compared with actual output in 2020 and the expected output based on actual solar radiation.(*)


The difference is 77,000 trees
The report calculates the reduction in CO2 emissions converted into the number of trees. In other words, how many trees would otherwise be needed to absorb these CO2 emissions. For the E-nergy by Nature project, in 2020 our efforts resulted in a score of 77,156 trees. 
Zonne-energie-Vermeden CO2 uitstoot vertaald naar het aantal bomen.jpg
Reduction in CO2 emissions converted into the number of trees. (*)

CO2 reduction
The report also calculates how much CO2 was saved per location - Vliegertsdijk 18, Lorbaan 26 and 27- in kilos. By investing in the solar park, we managed to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 1,500 tons in 2020. So, we can proudly state that the solar panel project makes a fine contribution to our goal: Sustainable production together.
Zonne-energie-Aantal kg CO2 besparing per locatie.jpg
CO2 reductions in kg per location. (*)
(*) VD18 = Vliegertsdijk 18
     LB 27 = Lorbaan 27 
     LB 26 = Lorbaan 26


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