As a global player in the field of cattle improvement, we also feel a commitment to poorer nations. To demonstrate our commitment, back in 2006 K.I. SAMEN took its first step to help local farmers in Mali improve their livestock. In 2011, the first farmers actually started with improvement programmes and now ten years later, they have achieved numerous successes. We maintain warm contacts with the local farmers and are happy to share one of those success stories here.


Mali, officially the Republic of Mali, is a country in Africa. The north and north-east of the country are located in the Sahara, the south and south-west in the Sahel. The country is completely landlocked. Mali has more than 18 million inhabitants, of whom more than 10% live in and around the capital Bamako. In 2011 Mali was listed among the top five poorest nations in the world. Mali is still considered to be one of the poorer countries in the world but is no longer in the top 20.

‘Just a little makes a massive impact’

A number of farmers were interested in what we had to say and followed our advice. We gave them mating advice suitable for the local conditions and supplied appropriate breeding material. Our bull semen in 2.5 mg straws was able to make a massive impact. Together with the farmers, we have ensured a better, stronger generation of cows. Cows that simply produce more milk. The cows from each straw of semen produce 25 kg more of milk.
Multiple benefits for the farmer
With a herd of 25 cows, this farmer achieves higher total milk production than other farmers with herds six times that size! Noting production of 25 litres per cow per day, he is the absolute top producer in his sales cooperative. “I need to feed fewer animals to get more milk.” Thanks to the good longevity and much higher lifetime production of his herd, this farmer will be able to generate an income equal to the income of a professional with a university education. 
K.I. SAMEN is very proud of this development and of this farmer in particular. He is able to take good care of his cows, and also good care of his local community. 
Mali 2021


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