K.I. SAMEN delivers more width

Livestock farmers' most-heard wish is more width in cows. K.I. SAMEN considers the cow and helps farmers find bulls with width in terms of build and pedigree.  Not every bull is suitable for every cow, but thanks to sufficient variation in bulls that have proven themselves in practice, K.I. SAMEN ensures trouble-free, healthy daughters with a long lifespan and high lifetime production on the farm.


Sensational: VDR Slash, the strongest-rising Dutch bull

VDR Slash (Balu x Malki x Minos) is a bull with width. He debuts with 248 daughters in his breeding value and, at the same time, realises such a high rise in the index that he can truly be called sensational. His dam Sandra 2 – daughter of Malki – is a cow with incredible production and components, and excellent conformation. VDR Slash is a calving ease bull and possesses both Kappa casein BB and Beta casein A2/A2.

06909-VDR Slash.jpg

Picture: VDR Slash

The width is also in the new pedigree bloodline within the Holstein breed. Holba Esmar (Pulsar x Emerald) comes from the Holbra Paula cow family and is the only Dutch bull with Pulsar as his sire and Emerald as his dam's sire who is not mentioned in the press publication as dam's sire. With a + in milk, + in fat, + in fertility, + in somatic cell count and an all-round conformation, this is an excellent choice for a new pedigree bloodline.

Huntje Holstein Red River proves high level
Debuting as the highest daughter proven bull in December, Huntje Holstein Red River confirms his qualities with even better scores. Huntje Holstein Red River descends from the Anemone family (Fraiko dam), with Riverboy as his sire. He inherits a slight plus in his components. His daughters have very good conformation and excellent scores for udder health and fertility. These figures indicate that they are healthy, problem-free animals.

We see great components and width in the body in newcomer Macgyver van de Peul. This is a bull that truly reflects today's needs, where width and components are appreciated. A bull that also gives width and is also polled is Grashoek Conqueror (Pp).  Conqueror's dam is also the dam of Arkansas who, just like Conqueror, also has plenty of width. However, Conqueror scores higher for all conformation traits, produces more milk and is heterozygous polled. He is the only bull in the press publication whose dam's sire is Redgold and his sire Creon RF is not mentioned in the entire press publication either. We are talking about width across the board here, in both build and bloodline.

The largest, most efficient and innovative breeding programme for Belgian White Blue beef on dairy

K.I. SAMEN offers Belgian White-Blue bulls that come from proven cow families from well-known and breeding farm-recognised barns. For years, selection has been based on ease of calving and shorter gestation periods, resulting in benefits for farmers in their barns and wallets. Specifically to improve the chances of conception, K.I. SAMEN is the first Dutch producer of mixed semen to launch the Trimix line. K.I. SAMEN continues to expand the beef on dairy breeding programme with new bulls.

Practical proven breeding!
K.I. SAMEN is a frontrunner in the field of longevity and lifetime production, whereby we strive for the most sustainable cows. We focus on more width in build and bloodline, and variety in our range. We work every day to improve the cows of tomorrow by breeding economical and trouble-free cows that have been proven in the field. The cows on the K.I. SAMEN breeding and dairy farm belong to the very top in Dutch dairy farming, and are therefore proof in practice.


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