The well-developed, robust bull Uenk Pontos (PowerNap x Brekan x Maik) is a Red Holstein with a pedigree that offers more than just a stellar line up of the red-and-white population. His pedigree also boasts toppers from the black-and-white segment, such as Maik and O-Man. His maternal pedigree (the Anna line) is no stranger to K.I. SAMEN: this cow family already provided the bull chart with the red factor carrier Mexx.

07074-Uenk Pontos Red.jpgPontos Red

With PowerNap as his sire, Pontos not only offers a bloodline that is a little more unusual (Jetstream x Potter), he has also inherited PowerNap's extremely high production. He combines a reasonable positive for milk production with sky high component percentages. His conformation can be classed as very good, all-round and faultless. Very positive points in his conformation include the slightly longer teats and the side view rear legs (slightly more curved than average).
The cows in Pontos’ maternal pedigree (the Annas) show great persistency and progression as their lactations increase. For generations, a mixture of black-and-white, red-and-white and red factor bulls have been used in this line. For example, the red factor in this line can be traced for generations to the bulls Adler and Alpenrex. The cows responsible for the true expansion in this family are Ponto’s great grand dam Anna 16 (VG 85 and over 50,000 kg milk) and great great grand dam Anna 12 (VG 87 and lifetime production of over 100,000 kg milk). Anna 12 gave birth to very good daughters by Classic, Survivor, Jerudo and O-Man. Anna 16 was flushed several times, resulting in various daughters by Kodak and Maik. Flushing with Kodak produced, among others, the super daughters Anna 183 (VG 85) and Anna 184 (VG 85) However, the most successful flushing was with Maik, resulting in the K.I. SAMEN bull Mexx and five full sisters (including Anna 190, the grand dam of Pontos). All five rate between 85 and 88 points.
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