K.I. SAMEN attracted plenty of interest from farmers for the Slash progeny group, and of course for his dam – VDR Sandra 2. The RMV trade event in Hardenberg was a huge success and the show was visited by many farmers from the wide region.


RMV dochtergroep Slash

Impressive presentation by Slash progeny group

The many visitors all voiced the same opinion; ‘what a fabulous progeny group’ and ‘what an amazing dam’. VDR Slash originates from a highly successful cow family that has high components and good conformation embedded in its DNA. With his aAa code of 153 and the favourable protein variants A2A2 and BB, he also offers additional, highly desirable traits. VDR Slash also turns out to have a high fertilisation capacity and gives good maternal calving ease.
VDR Sandra 2, the dam of breeding bull VDR Slash, is the first Big Malkidaughter to be ranked EX 92 points. This 5th calf cow shows great balance and is still youthful. She also has a firmly attached, high udder placement. Her legs, which are her strongest trait, score 94 points, which is an exceptional rating. And, also worth mentioning, VDR Sandra 2 produces plenty of milk that includes very high component percentages.
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