PRECIOUS | 06249-Precious.jpg
Weggelhorster Precious


Herdbook number: NL 918425995 

A.I.-code: 361104  

Colour: Black & white  

Date of birth : 10-11-2015

Breed: 100% HF  

Gestation length : 281 

Gestation length : 107 

Straw colour: purple

aAa code: 435261 

Kappa casein: AB 

Beta Caseine: A1/A2  

C.V.M. / B.L.A.D.: Free  / Free

C.D.H.: Free

Maternal line: Dirndel 

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With Weggelhorster PRECIOUS (Jeeves Paul x Stylist x Shottle) KI Samen presents a powerful, broadly built bull from a cow family (the Dirndels) that has previously provided other proven bulls to KI Samen. Sires such as Santana and Ashburton (both with the same pedigree) serve to confirm the quality of this line. The Dirndels represent good production levels (incl. high components), very good confirmation and score exceptionally well for somatic cell count, fertility and durability.
Jeeves Paul, Precious's sire, has a transmission pattern that virtually replicates that of the Dirndels. Super production and good confirmation (medium-sized frames, good rumps and udders and legs) are all traits he offers. He excels when it comes to the secondary traits, rating extremely high scores for somatic cell count, fertility and durability. 
Descending from the Dirndel family, Precious has a maternal line high in components, who combine this with exceptional confirmation (seven generations of VG or EX cows). Two of the most illustrious names in this pedigree are EX Dirndel 27 (Precious's grand dam) and EX Dirndel 24 (great grand dame of Precious). Advance daughter Dirndel 24 is a half-sister of the widely used outcross bull Santana, and the grand dam of the very popular Maik son Ashburton. Her daughter, the previously mentioned Dirndel 27, is also the grand dam of a breeding bull: Disclosure (a Maik son out of Ramos daughter Dirndel 28, who scores 87 points). Both Dirndel 24 and Dirndel 27 have been very profitable milk producers in their active service life. Dirndel 24 achieved lifetime production of almost 100,000 kg milk and Dirndel 27 almost 70,000 kg. Precious's dam Dirndel 31 joins the ranks of these productive ladies with ease, clocking up practically 70,000 kg of milk to date.


12-01-2009US 66451345

Ked Outside Jeeves-ET

22-05-2003 US 134438230

Ensenada Shottle Plummy

07-01-2006US 62233394


11-12-2008 NL 938317496
2.00 316d 6759kg 4.85% 3.91%
2.11 320d 8321kg 4.87% 3.86%
3.10 335d 10294kg 4.62% 3.96%
4.11 300d 11082kg 4.84% 3.78%
5.10 351d 11367kg 4.51% 3.90%
6.11 296d 8772kg 4.45% 3.85%
7.11 308d 12325kg 4.75% 3.69%
87 90 88 90 VG 88


28-01-2002 NL 295614731

Weggelhorster Dirndel 27

27-08-2005 NL 437105965
2.04 304d 10586kg 4.67% 3.35%
3.03 287d 10906kg 4.73% 3.68%
4.03 380d 14589kg 5.13% 3.78%
5.04 337d 13681kg 5.20% 3.75%
6.05 587d 17781kg 5.13% 3.70%
91 93 87 90 EX 90