TUCSON | 06423-Tucson.jpg
Koolstein Tucson


Herdbook number: NL 637079567 

A.I.-code: 361132  

Colour: Red & white  

Date of birth : 22-03-2017

Breed: 100% HF  

Gestation length : 278 

Straw colour: mint green

aAa code: 243 

Kappa casein: AA 

Beta Caseine: A2A2  

C.V.M. / B.L.A.D.: Free  / Free

C.D.H.: Free

Maternal line: Trijntje 

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Koolstein Trijntje 498 (VG 86)
(half-sister of Tucson)

Sound cow families motivate the choice of bulls offered by K.I. SAMEN. At K.I. SAMEN, diversity in the bloodlines is also highly important, as well as very good production and good conformation. A bull that ticks all these boxes is Koolstein Tucson (Julandy x Jotan x Goldwyn). As an added bonus, Tucson offers the A2A2 variant for beta-casein.
This is a quality found not just in his maternal line, but also in his sire's pedigree. After all, Tucson’s sire Julandy is a member of the Julia family (van Werler) who are breeding well, and thanks to his sire Andy has a touch of the unusual in his pedigree. And of course, his inheritance pattern is worthy of note too: Julandy stands for plenty of milk with practically stable protein contents and good secondary traits. Plus, he is bull that produces champion cows. His daughters are very nicely developed, good true types and have good udders and legs.
The conformation qualities shown by the cows on Tuscon's dam's side are equally pleasing. Starting with dam Trijntje 444 (EX 90) you find eight generations of cows rated VG or EX. These top conformation scores were actually sparked by Benefit daughter Trijntje 283 (VG 87, with lifetime production of 60,000 kg). Via her daughter Trijntje 324 (VG 89) and granddaughter Trijntje 343 (VG 87) we arrive at Trijntje 365 (VG 86). This daughter by F16 is the great grand dam of Tucson and dam to several female calves. Two of them, Trijntje 388 (VG 85) and Trijntje 401 (VG 86), were sired by Canvas. Of this duo, Trijntje 401 realised lifetime production of 80,000 kg of milk. Another of Trijntje 365's daughters was Trijntje 418 (VG 87 and grand dam of Tucson). An accident with her udder meant she was culled far soon in her career. One of her daughters is the lovely Trijntje 444, dam of Tucson. This exceptionally productive milker produced almost 50,000 kg of milk in four lactations (ave. LV 116). Sadly, she had an accident during her dry-off period before her fifth lactation, and leaves, unfortunately, just one daughter. This daughter however is a very good heifer: the attractive and productive Bolero daughter Trijntje 498 (VG 86).


28-02-2011NL 699834858

Molenkamp Andy

04-06-2008 NL 496442720

Julia 389

05-03-2009NL 527434036


10-04-2011 NL 537174685
2.08 312d 9179kg 4.22% 3.46%
3.08 423d 12998kg 4.35% 3.65%
4.11 338d 13088kg 4.44% 3.49%
5.11 321d 12966kg 4.02% 3.45%
89 91 90 90 A 90

Jotan Red

24-07-2004 NL 393714184

Koolstein Trijntje 418

01-05-2009 NL 525473253
Lifetime production (6 lact.):
(2091d) 59967kg 4.64% 3.46%
86 88 87 88 AB 87