ELVER RF | 06473-PM Elver.jpg
P.M. Elver rf


Herdbook number: NL 681804278 

A.I.-code: 361136  

Colour: Black & white+ rc  

Date of birth : 17-05-2017

Breed: 100% HF  

Gestation length : 279 

Straw colour: green

aAa code: 243 

Kappa casein: AA 

Beta Caseine: A2/A2  

C.V.M. / B.L.A.D.: Free  / Free

C.D.H.: Free

Maternal line: Elza 

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P.M. Elza 159 (EX 91)
(dam of Elver rf)

Fabulous conformation, the red factor and A2A2 are just a few of the traits that are attracting plenty of attention to the wonderful P.M. Elver rf (Silver x Talentino x Classic). Sired by a king of conformation, Silver, and with the famous line of champions the Elza family in his maternal line, Elver rf carries the promise of amazing conformation in his pedigree. Following in the footsteps of Red Torpedo (also a member of the Elza line), Elver rf is the second bull from this pedigree to be tested by KI.
As already mentioned here, Silver, Elver sire, passes on phenomenal conformation traits. He is able to vastly improve all conformation traits to an extensive degree and has exceptional scores for udders. He also adds value in terms of performance, contributing generous milk production combined with higher than average components. His progeny also inherit good milking speed partnered with a favourable somatic cell count, and very good scores for claw health and durability.
The cows in the Elza-family, who we come across in Elver's maternal line, show many similarities with the traits offered by his sire Silver. They also have impressive conformation and produce milk that is rich in components. This line has already produced the breeding bull Red Torpedo. Both bulls have a common ancestor in the shape of Elza 56 (EX 90). This excellent Lorka daughter is the great grand dam of Red Torpedo and great great grand dam of Elver rf. Her daughters Elza 80 (EX 90 and Red Torpedo's grand dam) and Elza 110 (VG 87 and great grand dam of Elver rf) were full sisters and both produced more than 60,000 kg of milk. Via Elza 110 we arrive at Elza 124. Elver's grand dam, noted at 89 points, achieved life time production in excess of 70,000 kg. And, finally, Elver's dam has already clocked up lifetime production approaching 50,000 kg. On her fourth calf, Elza 159 (EX 91) is not just busy ramping up her production figures, she is also amassing quite a collection of championship titles. Her accolades include champion at the winter show in Lochem (2016), all-round champion in Markelo (2017) and third place at the NRM show (2017). 


10-04-2013US 72156794

Mountfield Ssi Dcy Mogul

22-06-2010 US 3006972816

Seagull-Bay Snow Darling

22-07-2011US 70640273

P.M. ELZA 159

22-07-2012 NL 842301101
2.02 393d. 10098kg 4.01% 3.83%
3.05 442d. 14302kg 3.92% 3.72%
4.10 402d. 13497kg 4.15% 3.64%
93 93 90 91 EX 91


17-11-2006 NL 470938683

P.M. Elza 124

01-10-2008 NL 522899247
2.00 604d. 16164kg 4.85% 4.01%
3.10 487d. 15147kg 4.52% 3.83%
5.05 400d. 13545kg 4.86% 3.56%
6.09 478d. 14766kg 5.01% 3.70%
8.02 453d. 13120kg 5.08% 3.54%
89 88 89 88 VG 89