JORDY | 06576-Jordy.jpg
Jordy van 't Zandeind


Herdbook number: NL 677079615 

A.I.-code: 361140  

Colour: White  

Date of birth : 13-09-2017

Breed: 100% BBL  

Gestation length : 270 

Straw colour: grey

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Jordy van 't Zandeind

With a feeling of pride, we announce the return after a period of absence of a bull from the van ’t Zandeind pedigree to K.I. SAMEN: Jordy. Jordy shares the same pedigree line as Remco and Marco van ’t Zandeind. The Clarisse line at the Huijbergts family is celebrated for ease of calving, and for the heavy mature cows it has produced.
JORDY was born after a very short gestation time, and the 270 days he passes on are also extremely short. At birth he weighed just shy of 40 kg which is a good weight for a beef on dairy bull. Remco was the flag bearer of the Clarisse line and his full sister is part of Jordy’s distant pedigree. Expectations are therefore high for Jordy! We rate Jordy with 4.5 stars for maternal ease of calving and recommend him with the fullest confidence, even though he has not been tested thoroughly 


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