MILAMOR (PP) | 06575-Milamor.jpg
Milamor (PP)


Herdbook number: DE 0360485286 

A.I.-code: 361157  

Colour: Black & white  

Date of birth : 18-01-2018

Breed: 100% HF  

Straw colour: purple

aAa code: 423 

Kappa casein: AB 

Beta Caseine: A2A2  

C.V.M. / B.L.A.D.: Free  / Free

C.D.H.: Free

Maternal line: Perky 

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Milamor (PP) is a well built German-born bull with a North American pedigree (Miller x Epic x Goldwyn). He boasts a maternal line that features a prominent cow family that excels in conformation: the Glendridge Citation Roxy line (EX 97). What makes Milamor an extra interesting proposition is that he carries the A2A2 gene for beta casein and the homozygote polled gene (all Milamor's offspring are born polled).
Milamor’s sire Miller P (Modern x Supersire) currently ranks among the best polled breeding bulls globally. His daughters produce lots of milk with just a marginally lower component percentage. In addition, they have good conformation with their very compact and firm udder attachment as stand out features. You can also rely on them for udder health, fertility and durability.
Just like Milamor’s sire Miller P, Benwood P is also considered to be one of the most complete, polled bulls for breeding. So who is Benwood? This German-bred bull is no less than a son of Penny (VG 87), Milamor's dam. Her first son Benwood is noted as a calving ease bull who contributes plenty of protein, ensures good udders, and has the A2A2 gene as well as BB for kappa casein. This great genetic predisposition (certainly for conformation) wasn't inherited from a stranger. His maternal line, that many generations back included the Queen of the Breed Glendridge Citation Roxy (EX 97), is recognised as one of the best families for conformation worldwide. For example, Milamor’s great grand dam Perk Rae (EX 90) is the eighth successive generation to rank excellent.

Miller P

04-08-2014US 3124584893


20-12-2012 US 3011001553


31-12-2012US 3011538078


14-06-2012 DE 0355154314
3/2LA 305d 10364kg 4.19% 3.62%
HL 2 305d 11454kg 4.24% 3.66%
88 87 88 86 VG 87


26-05-2010 CA 11104016


21-12-2009 US 68585831
VG 85