FREWIN (Pp) | 06794- Frewin P.jpg
Frewin (Pp)


Herdbook number: NL 931338229 

A.I.-code: 361195  

Colour: Red & white  

Date of birth : 17-01-2019

Breed: 100% HF  

Gestation length : 282 

Straw colour: green

aAa code: 243 

Kappa casein: AB 

Beta Caseine: A2/A2  

C.V.M. / B.L.A.D.: Free  / Free

C.D.H.: Free

Maternal line: Julia 

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If we mention successful cow families, then the Julia line owned by the Werler family in Vaassen simply cannot be overlooked. This pedigree, that traces back to the maternal line of Frewin P (Brekan x Lawn Boy x Stadel), is a consistent provider of new breeding bulls. One of the striking traits passed on by these bulls is correct udders. These bulls, who descend from Julia 388's branch of the pedigree (Frewin P's dam) usually pass on somewhat more curved legs (side view rear legs) and often carry the A2A2 beta casein gene and the polled gene. And these two traits are also in the skill set of the well-developed Frewin P.
Like his maternal line, the pedigree of this bull's sire Brekan also transmits a particularly strong udder trait. This German-bred breeding bull also offers virtually faultless conformation and outstanding milk production. His scores for somatic cell count, fertility, claw health and durability are also of a very high level, and thanks to his out of the ordinary bloodline, what we have here is a very balanced, complete bull.
To return to the Julias, who make up Frewin P's maternal pedigree. The foundation cow of this family is undoubtedly Julia 382, the grand dam of Frewin P. This cow - who scores 92 points and descends from an 86-point Beverlake Nick daughter -just missed making lifetime production of 100,000 kg by a whisker. But Julia 382's even more impressive claim to fame was her breeding capacity. Through her Moonlight daughter Julia 382 (VG 86) she is the grand dam of breeding bull Julandy and through her daughter by Konvoy, Julia 383 (VG 89), the grand dam of breeding bull Jotani. She has also produced many breeding bulls of her own. Flushing with the polled bull Lawn Boy was a dream match, resulting in a trio of breeding bulls: Bolero, Juwel and Red Cliff. The females produced by this flush are also all worthy performers. Top of the charts is probably polled Julia 388 (VG 88), the dam of Frewin P. Julia 388 is still in great shape health wise and her lifetime production until now has reached a good 80,000 kg. Her oldest sons (Janco and Julian) have also shown the qualities to carry on the tradition of breeding bulls in the family. The full and half-sisters of these bulls, including Julia 406 (VG 89) and Julia 409 (EX 90), are the next generation of bull dams.


10-05-2014DE 0121518649

Swissbec Brekem

08-03-2012 CA 107559777

Hah Destin 882

19-12-2010DE 0117134882


05-03-2009 NL 527434029
Lifetime production to date:
2926d 80395kg 4.16% 3.61%
87 88 91 84 VG 88

Aggravation Lawn Boy P-Red

03-04-2002 US 133080890

Julia 382

03-11-2002 NL 350379243
Lifetime production:
3576d 99809kg 4.13% 3.65%
93 90 92 91 EX 92