MASSIMO | 06870-Grashoek Massimo.jpg
Grashoek Massimo


Herdbook number: NL 565515937 

A.I.-code: 361197  

Colour: Black & white  

Date of birth : 06-04-2019

Breed: 100% HF  

Gestation length : 280 

Straw colour: clear blue

aAa code: 135 

Kappa casein: BB 

Beta Caseine: A1/A2  

Maternal line: Massia 

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Apina Massia 172 (AB 87)
(grand-dam of Massimo)

Grashoek Massimo (Bolt x Solero x O-Man) is a bull with plenty of dairy type and a nice balance. His pedigree lists a succession of reliable protein bulls, whose daughters show great progression over their lactations and persistent milk production. Thanks to the protein and production capacity of his maternal line, Massimo can certainly be expected to provide offspring with good output and revenues.
Massimo’s sire Bolt can be described as a very solid bull. His practically faultless production (with a bonus for protein) and conformation inheritance pattern (including correct udders) are proof of this, as well as his very good scores for udder health and fertility. This is based on a high number of daughters, the oldest of which are already on their fourth calves.
Massimo originates from a maternal line with a famous name - the Massias. This to date successful cow family, especially in the red-and-white segment, stands for robust conformation and good component percentages. One of the best-known cows from this pedigree is the excellent Massima 21, among others the dam of bulls Curtis and Kairo. Via a full sister of these bulls we arrive at Massia 172, Massimo's grand dam. With lifetime production topping more than 65,000 kg of milk and an average lactation value of 118, she has shown an outstanding production performance.
Her daughter Massia 246 (Massimo’s dam) pushes the production levels a stage further: this daughter by outcross bull Solero has even achieved an average lactation value across the milk records of 126. Massia 246 now has six lactating daughters, heifers that are delivering on the high expectations in terms of both production and conformation. On average, these half-sisters of Massimo score 84.5 for overall conformation and have an average lactation value of 112. These cows include Massia 270, an 89-point Novastar-daughter (a full sister of SAMEN bull Movistar), good for a lactation value of 114 and 4% protein.


08-08-2012NL 940147494

De-Su 521 Bookem

21-02-2009 US 66636657

Molenkamp Grietje 50

03-01-2008NL 497042103


07-09-2013 NL 968457900
2.03 663d 19078kg 5.23% 4.01%
4.02 355d 14827kg 5.20% 3.83%
5.06 298d 12195kg 5.34% 3.80%
87 87 87 85 VG 87

Delta Solero

15-10-2010 NL 543203919

Apina Massia 172

18-09-2009 NL 532855242
2.02 595d 17038kg 4.76% 3.81%
4.00 521d 17958kg 4.64% 3.75%
5.09 420d 16590kg 4.56% 3.59%
7.00 353d 15583kg 4.45% 3.62%
88 88 87 85 VG 87