LUCKY (PP) | 06880-Lucky van het Zandeind.jpg
Lucky van 't Zandeind (PP)


Herdbook number: NL 638380345 

A.I.-code: 361204  

Date of birth : 09-06-2019

Breed: 100% HER  

Straw colour: yellow

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Lucky van ’t Zandeind (PP) is a new, homozygous polled Hereford bull. Despite his youth, the appearance of this bull is already truly imposing. He has good, sound legs with excellent locomotion and has a docile nature.
Lucky’s sire, Moeskaer Keno 1222 P, was a champion Hereford at the national show in Denmark and can be described as a bull with style, an excellent frame and a lot of length. He has an outcross pedigree. His full sisters are also impressive cows who are performing well. 
Lucky's maternal line also brings its own accolades: his grand dam Velner Anja P was the first Hereford cow in the Netherlands to be rated excellent - which is a unique achievement. His dam Anja P 1 van ’t Zandeind is a an extremely well-fleshed cow with great type.
The addition of Lucky to K.I. SAMEN's portfolio brings a wonderful bull to its Hereford programme. He is ideal for pure breeding and for beef on dairy purposes. We expect Lucky's progeny to be calved easily, as calving ease is what the Hereford breed is renowned for. 


12-05-2008DK 6995701222

Ns Keno 005

CA C02805543

Golden-Oak 1g Kashmir 7k

CA 2765935


27-10-2014 NL 680178235

Troy P

05-04-2008 DE 1403452465

Velner Anja P

10-01-2008 NL 634900017