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Plataan Faster


Herdbook number: NL 679780245 

A.I.-code: 361238  

Colour: Black & white  

Date of birth : 27-06-2020

Breed: 100% HF  

Gestation length : 285 

Straw colour: mint green

aAa code: 324 

Kappa casein: AB 

Beta Caseine: A2/A2  

C.V.M. / B.L.A.D.: Free  / Free

C.D.H.: Free

Maternal line: Frida 

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Plataan F 7888 (VG 87)
(dam of Faster)

Plataan Faster (Sabre x Brewmaster x Mascol) represents the third bull from the Plataan Frida line to be put into the service of K.I. SAMEN. The late maturing, productive Fridas breed very consistently, which means hardy any cows are prematurely rejected for production. As the bulls in Faster's pedigree also all have very reliable, daughter-proven data, there is no doubt that Faster has a great future ahead.
One of these solid, reliable breeding bulls is Sabre, Faster's sire. Similar to Faster, Sabre carries the A2A2 gene for beta casein and both bulls can claim a robust frame that includes great width. Sabre also transmits good udders and correct legs and his daughters show good progression in their production figures over the lactations. As well as good udder health, his daughters have remarkably good fertility and durability traits.
Following in the footsteps of Friday and Florus, Faster is the third bull from the Frida family to join the ranks at K.I. SAMEN. This pedigree stands for very good conformation (seven generations of cows scoring 84 points or higher) and the Fridas are now widely spread in the breeding population, particularly thanks to Faster’s grand dam Frida 1. This Mascol daughter alone has produced at least 20 daughters! Flushing Frida 1 with Cricket and with Lauthority resulted in a high number of daughters. Four Cricket daughters and five Lauthority daughters from these flushes score between 86 and 90 points for all-round conformation (averaging 88 points). Most of these cows have already produced more than 50,000 kg of milk. However, it is one of the youngest progeny of Frida 1, Brewmaster daughter F7888 (VG 87), who is Faster's dam. After a good first lactation (LV 119) she is now a second calf cow.


28-12-2013US 72615076

Coyne-Farms Jacey Cri

15-08-2011 US 70541519

Bomaz Robust 5545

12-12-2011US 71074575


13-02-2018 NL 685478882
2.01 351d 12147kg 4.40% 3.61%
86 87 86 88 VG87

Mapel Wood Brewmaster

21-08-2010 CA 11161715

Plataan Frida 1

20-03-2016 NL 416372151
Lifetime production (5 lact.):
(2960d) 82381kg 4.30% 3.75%
88 90 89 89 VG89