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Sterk Jort Red


Herdbook number: NL 673694661 

A.I.-code: 361236  

Colour: Red & white  

Date of birth : 24-05-2020

Breed: 100% RHF  

Gestation length : 282 

Straw colour: pink

aAa code: 342 

Kappa casein: BB 

Beta Caseine: A1/A2  

C.V.M. / B.L.A.D.: Free  / Free

C.D.H.: Free

Maternal line: Prudence 

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Holbra Pam (VG 87)
(great-grandmother of Jort)

Sterk Jort Red (Jakarta x Aikman x Man-O-Man) is the impressive result of optimally utilising the available variety in breeding. Black-and-white genetics are increasingly being used to take the red-and-white population to the next level. In Jort's case, it is not about just any black-and-white cow family, but the family of the American cow Prudence (EX 95). The success of this line is also demonstrated by another closely related branch.
Jort’s sire Jakarta, with Rosebud as his sire and Potter P as his dam's sire, boasts a pedigree that contains two very good, proven breeding bulls that offer an out of the ordinary bloodline. Jakarta is a calving ease bull who transmits high milk production and positive protein percentages. In terms of conformation, he passes on average development, good legs and correct udders, while the health traits can all be characterised as good.
Jort’s maternal line originates in the USA, where the impressive Prudence (EX 95) is the best known name in the family. Via a 90-point Rudolph daughter and an 88-point Durham daughter, Prudence is the great grand dam of the Dutch Mascol Pam (VG 87). Pam can be found in the third generation of Jort's pedigree. Through her daughter Manoa, the grand dam of Jort, we arrive at Jort's dam, Vekis Prudence. She is a particularly strong cow with lifetime production of more than 60,000 kg milk (with very high components). Her full sister Doreen, via the 89-point Rubicon daughter Rose, is the grand dam of one of the most successful red-and-white cows at the moment: Salvatore daughter Red Range (VG 86)


08-12-2017NL 725479538

Delta Rosebud-Red

06-08-2015 NL 633377638

Delta Jill

14-08-2015NL 663234635


17-11-2013 NL 582441628
1.11 399d 10881kg 4.86% 3.67%
3.01 322d 10599kg 5.10% 4.01%
4.01 312d 11334kg 4.61% 3.75%
5.01 435d 15856kg 4.75% 3.88%
6.06 436d 13973kg 5.05% 4.05%
83 88 86 83 VG 85

Gen-I-Beq Aikman

06-10-2011 CA 106807394

Holbra Manoa

11-06-2010 NL 728051810
2.05 443d 11658kg 4.69% 3.88%
3.09 554d 15808kg 4.47% 3.88%
5.06 411d 13526kg 4.71% 3.74%
6.06 436d 13973kg 5.05% 4.05%
82 84 85 87 VG 85