POSTMAN RED | 07107-Drouner Postman Red.jpg
Drouner Postman Red


Herdbook number: NL 892243846 

A.I.-code: 361240  

Colour: Red & white  

Date of birth : 21-07-2020

Breed: 100% RHF  

Gestation length : 274 

Straw colour: grey

aAa code: 324 

Kappa casein: BB 

Beta Caseine: A2/A2  

C.V.M. / B.L.A.D.: Free  / Free

C.D.H.: Free

Maternal line: Aiko 

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Drouner DH Aiko 1445 (VG 89)
(dam of Postman Red)

Drouner AJDH Aiko 1288 (EX 91)
(grand-dam of Postman Red)

Drouner Postman Red (Powernap x Pat x Olympian) is a well developed bull who descends from an exceptionally successful cow family for breeding that particularly excels in conformation: the Aiko line. He is bound to attract lots of interest thanks to his slightly unusual pedigree completed by A2/A2 for beta-casein and BB for kappa-casein.
The cows in Postman’s maternal line are noted for their correct udders and legs and their very attractive frames, while Postman’s sire Powernap passes on a more solid type that also combines very good udders and legs. Powernap is a calving ease bull who has perfect scores for all aspects of conformation, in addition to above average scores for rear leg side view and teat length. He is also a strong all-rounder for health traits.
As already mentioned, Postman Red's maternal line the Aiko cow family has exemplary credentials and offers very good milk production and super conformation. Postman Red can boast 10 generations of VG or EX cows, with the majority of the Aikos meriting excellent. The cow that brought this outstanding family to the Netherlands is Postman’s great grand dam Drouner AJDH Aiko (VG 87). An amazing brood cow, as demonstrated by the fabulous breeding bulls - including Rednex and Effektiv - and daughters she has produced. Her daughters include Apoll Aiko 1 (VG 88), Kanu Aiko 1267 (EX 90), Effort Aiko 1349 (EX 90) and of course Aiko 1288 (EX 91 and Postman's grand dam). Olympian daughter Aiko 1288 has also produced several top ranking daughters: Aiko 1456 (VG 88), Aiko 1411 (VG 89) and the full sisters Aiko 1539 (VG 88) and Aiko 1445 (VG 89). The latter is Postman Red's dam.


02-12-2017NL 885518148

Delta Jetstream-Red

21-03-2016 NL 735055324

Delta Pyta Red

06-07-2015NL 732157348


21-11-2016 NL 940038073
2.01 674d 18213kg 4.77% 3.67%
4.01 366d 13253kg 4.46% 3.46%
88 89 89 89 VG 89

Coyne-Farms Sympati Pat-Red

19-09-2013 US 3012178104

Drouner Ajdh Aiko 1288

29-08-2014 NL 945535067
2.07 446d 12471kg 4.59% 3.72%
3.11 466d 14252kg 4.58% 3.72%
5.04 357d 13795kg 4.38% 3.47%
92 91 91 89 EX 91