KIYOKAZU | 4537.jpg
PW Kiyokazu


Herdbook number: NL 479671136 

A.I.-code: 36711  

Colour: Black  

Date of birth : 24-06-2007

Breed: 100% WAG  

Straw colour: salmon

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PW Kiyokazu is a total black Wagyu bull. After Kikuhana and Asayake Shinnen was it not easy to find an outcross and pure Wagyu bull. Certainly with the narrow bloodlines within this breed.

For this reason we are delighted with Kiyokazu, an outcross pedigree. This breed is worldwide known for its unique taste of meat and the big part of unsaturated fatty acids in the fat formation. The meat of the Wagyu’s brings the cholesterol down. Kiyokazu is the second bull of K.I. Samen.

Kiyokazu is suitable for crossbreeding and gives light calves that are born easily.


11-04-2002AU WESFX2046

Dai 6 Seizan

01-01-1995 AU IMJFP2947

Westholme Yasuko 48h

01-01-1998AU WESFT9048


10-02-2003 NL 367277529


01-01-1960 US FB500

Newby Ridge Tsukubane

01-03-2000 NZ 49AH025