Herdbook number: FR 1451887177 

A.I.-code: 765064  

Colour: Black & white  

Date of birth : 20-11-2006

Breed: 100% HF  

Gestation length : 98 

Straw colour: green

aAa code: 342156 

C.V.M. / B.L.A.D.: Free  / Free

Maternal line: Henkeseen 

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The pedigree of the strong build, good developed bull Bowen (Reclass x O-Man x BW Marchall x Rudolph x Holiday x Chief Mark x Chairman) is an outcross and a new pedigree for K.I. Samen.

Bowen is a Reclass-son out of a very famous American cow-family: the Henkeseen family. Characterising of this family is the huge protein potential. Dam and granddam score extremely high for French circumstances(3.83% and 3.72%). Reclass is a Jocko-son with much milk and a super fat/protein proportion in his breeding value. Furthermore, he combines an all-round good conformation and management traits.

The dam of Bowen origins from worldwide proven and famous Henkeseen family. This family got famous by Henkeseen M Hillary and her mother Henkeseen Mark Marci. Both cows got internationally very famous because of their super conformation. Both of these cows also produced excellent. This family is as far as we can go back, till 1899, super! Before the Chairman we find the following bulls: Conductor, Fond Matt, Creamelle Di Ron and Standout-Twin. With Bowen we have introduced a bull who for sure deserves chances looking at the qualities of its family.


18-09-2000FR 2237733279

Jocko Besn

29-08-1994 FR 5694028588


03-06-1996FR 1496000058


21-01-2005 FR 1451887005
3.00 294d 8217 kg 3.68% 3.83%

O-Man Just

08-03-1998 FR U122358313

BWN Heidi

06-01-2001 FR US60270146
2.02 305d 13780 kg 4.00% 3.72%