LURN | 5654.jpg


Herdbook number: AT 262102514 

A.I.-code: 768474  

Colour: Red & white  

Date of birth : 09-03-2007

Breed: 100% PIN  

Straw colour: red

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Lurn is a Pinzgauer bull, who hails from Austria, the original birth place of the Pinzgauers. The Pinzgauers are by nature a dual-purpose breed, with the tendency to be bred for meat. The Pinzgauer breed is a sturdy breed and remain outside in all wind and weather conditions with few problems. It is a rustic breed that does not demand or require any extra care.

Lurn is a meaty Pinzgauer, whose calves are born easily and who has good-to-very good meat characteristics. Besides that the Pinzgauers have very distinctive markings which are immediately recognisable.

The maternal calving process is, for Austrian levels, very good with 113. The bull is especially prized for its meat characteristics and therefore is the most suitable. He is also used as a correction bull for milk typical Pinzgauer cows and always suitable for tougher conditions.


31-10-1999AT 521660642


07-04-1986 AT 467000957


11-11-1995AT 686634257


17-04-2001 AT 319958245
1 Lact. 5752 kg 3.96% 3.39%
2 Lact. 7504 kg 3.98% 3.27%
3 Lact. 6981 kg 3.64% 3.37%
4 Lact. 4473 kg 3.64% 3.22%


26-10-1998 AT 443400711


10-10-1991 AT 572635157
Lact. 6/6 5886 kg 4.02% 3.17%
HL 5 6735 kg 3.74% 3.09%