BOB | 5738.jpg
Bob van de Plashoeve


Herdbook number: NL 930656694 

A.I.-code: 36983  

Colour: White  

Date of birth : 27-04-2013

Breed: 100% BBL  

Gestation length : 278 

Straw colour: pistache green

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Bob van de Plashoeve is a bull which naturally was born but more importantly was born with the trait for a short gestation period. Bob is more than a promising bull. In terms of ease of birth both Bob’s dam Elke 22 van de Plashoeve and also the dam of Noud van de Plashoeve show evidence of this. 
The dam Elke 22 van de Plashoeve has never had a caesarean and is still living. Elke 22 is 10 years old and now has twins running around from Remco van ‘t Zandeind. The sire of Bob is not Dorus ter Reybroek but rather the famous Ubidet. Ubidet is also the sire of the bull Ugo van het Boszicht, and who is still renown for his calving ease. The combination of this sire and this dam bodes well for this bull. The first calf was born without any difficulties. 
Bob also tested free for eight genetic defects within the BWB breed. An additional plus is that the calf stands out in terms of vitality. Bob is a bull from whom we can expect great things and have therefore given him a 4.5 star rating out of 5. In other words, the expectations are relatively easy births with very vital calves.


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