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VVH Bookmaker


Herdbook number: NL 866039170 

A.I.-code: 361034  

Colour: Black & white  

Date of birth : 15-12-2014

Breed: 100% HF  

Gestation length : 96 

Straw colour: turquoise

aAa code: 435216 

Kappa casein: AE 

Beta Caseine: A1/A2  

C.V.M. / B.L.A.D.: Free  / Free

C.D.H.: Free

Maternal line: Isa 

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VVH Isa 21
(dam of Bookmaker VVH)

VVH Isa 12 (EX 90)
(granddam of Bookmaker VVH)

VVH Bookmaker (Bookem x Maik x Snowman) is a Dutch A.I. bull with a lot of American genetics in his lineage. And what genes! His maternal line is none other than the renowned Regancrest Dellia line, while his sire is the American topper Bookem. Add to this Maik (one of the best Dutch bulls as the sire of the mother) and Snowman (the successful international sire of bulls) as the sire of the grandmother and Bookmaker VVH has all the ingredients to become a top bull. 
Bookem, the sire of Bookmaker, ranks at the top of the international bull list based on the large number of milk producing daughters for the past several years (especially in the Netherlands). He is a welcome addition to the era of O-Man, Shottle and Goldwyn with his lineage of Planet x Ramos.  In addition, he has exceptional inheritance figures for production as well as for conformation. Bookem inherits plenty of milk while lowering the protein levels slightly. This cavling ease bull whose daughters calve quite easily scores above excellent for somatic cell count, fertility and longevity. In his overall conformation inheritance it’s his impressive inheritance for udders that is worth taking notice of 
The maternal line of Bookmaker VVH is originally from the USA.  We are talking about the renowned Regancrest Dellia family (better known for the A.I. bulls Durham and Jota). Dellia (EX 95) is the dam of Durham, while her granddaughter Ito Isa (the great-great grand dam of Bookmaker VVH) is also the mother to Iota. Via Ito Isa’s Shottle daughter born in the Netherlands we arrive at Isa 12, the grandmother of Bookmaker VVH, who also happens to be one of the 3 Snowman daughters of Isa 1 who have achieved the status of bull mother. A flushing of Isa 12 with Maik resulted in the widely used bull Repairman (aAa 546) and in the full sisters Isa 21 (VG 86) and Isa 22 (VG 86). Two very imposing heifers with excellent conformation and superior production levels. They actually form the basis for the next set of bulls who will be given a chance at K.I. SAMEN. This is why K.I. SAMEN is testing: a Bookem son out of Isa 22 named Boobytrap, a red factor Pitbull son Perico VVH (who is from Isa 21), and the above mentioned Bookem son Bookmaker VVH.


21-02-2009US 66636657

Ensenada Taboo Planet

03-03-2003 US 60597003

Clear-Echo 822 Ramo 1199 ET

17-10-2004US 61765027


02-01-2013 NL 737131866
Tot.(4) 1212dg 54810kg 4.10% 3.43%
88 88 86 88 VG 87

Hoekland Maik

01-09-2006 NL 442030812

VVH Isa 12

15-01-2011 NL 546428825
Tot.(3) 1490dg 54894kg 4.59% 3.60%
92 94 89 89 EX90