BONO | 05975-Bono.jpg
Hoekland Bono


Herdbook number: NL 752535139 

A.I.-code: 361043  

Colour: Black & white  

Date of birth : 17-04-2015

Breed: 100% HF  

Gestation length : 103 

Straw colour: white

aAa code: 234 

Kappa casein: AB 

Beta Caseine: A2/A2  

C.V.M. / B.L.A.D.: Free  / Free

C.D.H.: Free

Maternal line: Sjannie 

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Hoekland Bono (Bookem x Twist x Stylist) is a bull with a good frame and sound feet & legs. There are several bulls in his internationally tinted lineage with backgrounds from America, Engeland, Germany and the Netherlands (Ronald). The latter bull comes from the Bono’s pedigree, the sire of Sjannie 28 (VG 88), the dam of the ‘SAMEN’ top bull Hoekland Maik.
Bono’s sire Bookem has been in the spotlight for years now. He belongs to the top of the international bull list based on the number of milk producing daughters (particularly in the Netherlands). He is a welcome addition to the era of O-Man, Shottle and Goldwyn with his pedigree of Planet x Ramos. In addition he has excellent inheritance figures, for production as well as conformation. Bookem passes on plenty of milk and slightly lowers the protein percentages. This easy, calving bull has daughters who also have easy births, score very well for cell count, fertility and longevity. The impressive udders are what stand out the most in his overall conformation inheritance.  
The maternal line of Bono, as described above, is the cow family which produced the longevity king himself, Hoekland Maik. Maik’s dam, Sjannie 28, is the great-grandmother to Bono. This 88 point registered Ronald daughter produced more than 100,000 kg of milk while her dam, Sunny Boy- daughter Sjannie 18 great-grandmother Sjannie 9 (sire Tops) produced more than 70,000 kg of milk. Even her Stylist-daugher, Sjannie 41, is on the way to realizing a high life production level. She has already produced more than 50,000 kg milk so far and is able to combine this with sky high protein levels. Her Twist-daughter, Sjannie 48, (the dam of Bono) is continuing on with the tradition of the good family conformation: high protein, very good frames, solid udders and good legs. All in all characteristics in a bull like Bookem that are easy to combine.


21-02-2009US 66636657

Ensenada Taboo Planet

03-03-2003 US 60597003

Clear-Echo 822 Ramo 1199 ET

17-10-2004US 61765027


17-03-2013 NL 872533828
2.01 369d 9612 kg 4.82% 3.79%
3.03 305d 8579 kg 5.05% 3.91% (vsp)

Cogent Twist

19-09-2005 UK 631308

Hoekland Sjannie 41

05-11-2009 NL 528631467
2.01 401d 11622 kg 2.89% 3.71%
3.04 485d 16907 kg 3.12% 3.86%
4.11 387d 14052 kg 3.44% 3.80%
6.01 419d 15650 kg 3.93% 3.92%
VG 85