BOOSTER | 05989-Booster.jpg
Koepon Booster


Herdbook number: NL 750300605 

A.I.-code: 361044  

Colour: Black & white  

Date of birth : 14-06-2015

Breed: 100% HF  

Gestation length : 276 

Gestation length : 99 

Straw colour: clear blue

aAa code: 243 

Kappa casein: AA 

Beta Caseine: A1/A2  

C.V.M. / B.L.A.D.: Free  / Free

C.D.H.: Free

Maternal line: Genua 

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Koepon Jeeves Genua 2 (VG 86)
(dam of Booster)

Sometimes there are cow families that just stand out in terms of producing good offspring.(for example, bulls). Koepon Booster’s maternal line, the Genua’s, is a tribe which regularly scores well for both the male as well as female descendants. The Genau’s represent good conformation in combination with persistent milk production with very high percentages. A perfect combination therefore with the dairy bull Bookem. The results of this can be seen in Koepon Booster (Bookem x Jeeves X Shottle). Bono’s sire Bookem belongs to the top of the international bull list based on the number of milk producing daughters (particularly in the Netherlands). He is a welcome addition to the era of O-Man, Shottle and Goldwyn with his pedigree of Planet x Ramos. In addition he has excellent inheritance figures, for production as well as conformation. Bookem passes on plenty of milk and slightly lowers the protein percentages. This easy calving bull scores very well for cell count, fertility and longevity. The impressive udders are what stand out the most in his overall conformation inheritance. The Genua family, the maternal line of Booster, is relatively familiar to many farmers. Just as the Grietje tribe used to be from Osstendorp in Kampen. Despite the difference in names, we are talking about the same cow family. Booster’s great-great grandmother Grietje 80 was the last of this tribe with the Grietje name. This 91 points Esquimau daughter (descendant from the 89 points Lucky Leo daughter) was also the dam to the bull Homerun, a proven bull. She was also the dam of the 87 points Aaron daughter (with more than 3,80% protein), who was given a new name at the time: Genua. The next generation of Genua’s turned out to be good in productivity, but also are protein rich cows and can be bred easily. Genua is the dam of the proven bull Improver and Impress and the Shottle daughter Genua 1 (VG 88). Genua 1 produced more than 80,000 kg milk with very high percentages and in turn is the dam of the popular bull mothers of the family.  This Genua 2, also the dam of Booster, knows how to combine good conformation with plenty of milk production and the high percentage levels this family is known for. Genua 2 (daughter of outcross bull Jeeves) has been flushed several times resulting in high marker bulls and several new bull mothers.  Among these exceptional daughters are: Meridian daughter Genua 4 (VG 87), Embassy daughter Genua 5 (VG 85), Mascalese daughter Genua 10 (VG 87) and Bookem-pink Genua 12. This full sister to Booster scored so high in the markers that she was flushed again.


21-02-2009US 66636657

Ensenada Taboo Planet

03-03-2003 US 60597003

Clear-Echo 822 Ramo 1199 ET

17-10-2004US 61765027


30-09-2009 NL 539271010
2.05 539d 14766 kg 5.05% 4.00%
4.00 590d 18627 kg 4.83% 4.01%
5.11 348d 14818 kg 4.66% 3.40%
86 88 85 85 VG 86

Ked Outside Jeeves ET

22-05-2003 US 134438230

Koepon Shottle Genua 1

28-02-2006 NL 447860067
2.06 341d 10703 kg 4.80% 3.90%
3.07 294d 11705 kg 5.09% 3.77%
4.06 458d 15661 kg 5.06% 3.84%
5.11 459d 16281 kg 4.79% 3.68%
7.04 320d 12473 kg 4.54% 3.51%
8.04 447d 14492 kg 4.32% 3.55%
85 88 87 85 VG 86