BRUNO | 06039-Bruno.jpg
Bruno van de Plashoeve


Herdbook number: NL 671357027 

A.I.-code: 361042  

Colour: White  

Date of birth : 24-02-2015

Breed: 100% BBL  

Gestation length : 274 

Straw colour: orange

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Bruno van de Plashoeve is the very first son of Ugo Boszicht, who was tested by K.I. SAMEN. Ugo Boszicht stands for reliability in the crossbreeding for dairy segment. Ugo Boszicht ensures good, vital calves who are easily born. The dam is the full sister to another successful crossbreeding for dairy cattle bull Urbanus 2. He is a unique bull because he combines two well-known outcross lines into one bull. The beauty of it all is that both bulls, Ugo Boszich and Urbanus 2, are among the best of the entirecrossbreeding segment. 
Bruno is a half-brother to Bart (s. Remco Zandeind), who K.I. SAMEN started using a year ago. Given the pedigree of this bull and the smooth musculature which Bruno shows, we are once again confident that he will be a welcome addition to our broad crossbreeding package.
On a scale of one to five, Bruno scores just under a 5. Especially seeing as how this bull has inherited easy calving from all sides. From his sire who scored 118, through his maternal line and all the way to his full brother Bruintje 17, who scored 116. The gestation period of Bruno is 274 days, making it very short and therefore very desirable.


24-06-2000NL 269368934

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10-11-1996 BE 96603238068

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31-01-2002NL 323456209


09-03-2011 NL 533756249

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