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Bonhill Winsome


Número genealógico: NL 675598365 

Código AI: 361181  

Cor de pelo: Preta e branca  

Data de nascimento : 28-01-2019

Composição de raça: 100% HF  

Tempo de gestação : 280 

Cor de palheta: azul clara

Código aAa: 153 

Kapa caseína: BB 

Beta Caseïne: A2A2  

C.V.M. / B.L.A.D.: Sem  / Sem

C.D.H.: Sem

Familia materna: Warsi 

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Bonhill Warsi 19
(bisavó do Bonhill Winsome)

Bonhill Warsi 51
(avó do Bonhill Winsome)

The pedigree of great dairy type (aAa 153) Bonhill Winsome (Aviator x Gerard x Ramos) lists two outstanding cow families: the Warsi line (maternal side) and the Cosmopolitan line (paternal side). His pedigree offers it all: good production, very good conformation and top durability. Winsome also carries the favourable protein variants A2A2 (beta-casein) and BB (kappa-casein).

Winsome’s sire is the North American bull Aviator - a bull classed as a true all-rounder. He transmits excellent production traits (scoring a plus for both milk production and fat and protein percentages) and super conformation. This bull is also a specialist in the field of secondary traits (udder health, fertility and durability).

And Winsome's maternal line also performs notably in many areas, making a name for itself at classifications and shows, for producing good bulls (including names such as Effort and Mason RF) and of course in the milking parlour. The impressive conformation of cows from the famous Warsi line (89 x 88 x 90 x 86 x 88 x 87 x 90) has already resulted in some wonderful titles. One of these was winning the reserve championship title at the NRM - a feat accomplished by Warsi 20, a full sister of Winsome’s great grand dam Warsi 19. Warsi 19 (EX) produced over 100,000 kg of milk and from matches with, among others, Ramos, produced several super daughters. One of these is Warsi 55, the dam of “SAMEN”-bull Painter. Her full sister Warsi 51, Winsome's grand dam, produced nearly 100,000 kg of milk. Winsome’s dam Warsi 120 is already on the way to clocking up 100,000 kg of milk, which just goes to prove how durable the Warsi line is.



03-05-2013US 72531549

Seagull- Bay Supersire

28-12-2010 US 69981349

Larcrest Cleveland-ET

01-06-2011US 57187056


27-04-2011 NL 717689996
Lifetime production (5 lists):
(1768dias) 68881kg 4,04% 3.55%
87 90 89 88 VG89

Schillview Oman Gerard

27-02-2005 US 52805723

Bonhill Warsi 51

09-08-2007 NL 472786495
Lifetime production (7 lists):
(2566dias) 88545kg 4.28% 3.67%
89 89 86 86 VG88