K.I. SAMEN is a private A.I. station in the Netherlands established in 1982. The focus of K.I. SAMEN is on practical breeding. This means that we are trying to improve the breeding by looking first and foremost to the practical conditions on the dairy and livestock farms, not only in Holland but worldwide. Our selection is rooted in cow families, which have proven themselves in the working field, not in special prepared testing stabless. At the age of three months the young holstein bulls are housed on slattered floors. When the young bulls reach the age of one year, we evaluate them and regardless the paper we cull him if he is not well-build or does not have strong legs and feet. Something good can breed something better! This is our ‘farming’ approach for breeding and genetics. The cow family from the a bull has to have scored at least 2 or 3 generations VG and preferably more. Furthermore, the cows must give good milk with high components. Whenever we evaluate a cow family we look to all the family members in order to find the strong points of the family. The success is based on results on the farms. Practical proven breeding is our motto for cattle improvement.


K.I. SAMEN is the second largest A.I.-station in the Netherlands. K.I. SAMEN has always remained independent and has enlarged its testing programme over the years from five Holstein Friesian bulls up to thirty bulls at this moment. The results over the years have been good. After the outbreak of FMD in 2001 K.I. SAMEN has increased its market share with 7% per year under declining market conditions. The increasing market share is possible because we fulfil our promises.

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In Memoriam: Bas Engelen (1946-2018) General Director/ Farmer


From the start K.I. SAMEN has always put the farmer on the first place. Our breeding specialists try to advise the farmer in the way he wants to see his cows. When visiting the farms the herd are the starting point for improvement. We evaluate the cows with the farmer and choose per cow the best suited HF or other bull. The combination is more important than the bull. We are not trying to use the highest scoring bull (on ranking) we try to use the best suited bull for the cow. In our bull programme we score all dairybulls for aAa-codes, with which we hope to provide the farmer extra information about how the bull breeds. In our philosophy we try to give you all the information you want, so that you can make a better choice from the big selection of genetics we have available.


K.I. SAMEN is internationally very active from over our headquarters on Holland and from our own subsidairies.. We sell bovine semen all over the world in more than 40 different countries. We export to all the major countries within Europe. K.I. SAMEN has been active in Eastern Europe for over a decade and has obtained very good results. We are very proud that we have established long lasting relationships with our agents all over the world. No bureaucracy, results on the farm, sound breeding and short communication lines make K.I. SAMEN a major player.


With our FUTURE BULL programme we select the best practical Holstein Friesian bulls. The results have been that our farmers are milking good solid cows. Not the paper gives milk, the cows do. We look to the cow and try to analyse the cause of a problem and advise the best bull for solving the problem. The basics of the cow have to be good! As an extra help we use the aAa-system which looks to the complete cow and not to every trait separately. They look how they different traits interact. Using this system you will get a good basis is your herd. Your future is our future and together we will breed more economical, easy-to-handle, not-to-worry dairy cows. This type of cows are wished for by the large majority of the practical dairy farmer and that is the cow we try to breed by:

1 Offering the best bulls for dairy, beef and dual purpose.

2 Making the best combinations, based on the practical conditions on the livestock farm and on the cow.

3 Making very high concentrated bovine semen for better fertility.


The productive life of the daughters of K.I. SAMEN bulls is significantly higher than the average. The main reason for this difference lies in our strict genetic selection. We evaluate the cow family for production, locomotion, cell count, fertility and longevity. This strict selection forms the cornerstone of the success of our farmers. When the farmers benefit from our selection, they will earn more. We want to contribute to the success on the dairy farm every day, by striving to breed the economical, easy-to-handle, not-to-worry dairy cow. In short, let’s make every farmer more content with his cows (and wallet)!