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K.I. SAMEN is the largest, privately-owned A.I. station in the Netherlands. Through close cooperation between the A.I. station and the dairy farm next door, we can see the results of our breeding programme immediately. Our bull semen is sold worldwide from our headquarters in the Netherlands and via an extensive distributor network. Our philosophy concerning genetics is based on proven practical breeding. Holstein Friesian (HF) bulls are our core business, but we also offer a wide range of other breeds for dairy, beef and dual-purpose use, such as MRIJ, Jersey, and Brown Swiss. And not forgetting our Belgian Blue bulls for crossbreeding. We achieve cattle improvement by advising on the bulls that are best suited for our cows and basing our selection on cow families that have proven success on dairy farms.



TRIMIX ensures a higher conception rate Fertility is becoming increasingly important in (beef) cattle farming and profit margins are under pressure. The conception rate of cows at their first insemination must increase if farmers want to ensure profitability. Mixing semen creates competition between the spermatozoa, which increases the chance of conception by 3 to 4%.


Practice proves it: 100 daughters with 100,000 litres of milk What do the bulls Lightning, Shogun and Jorryn have in common? This month all three have 100 daughters or more who have reached the 100,000 litres milk milestone. On 1st Christmas Day Shogun daughter Cato68 of Mts. Evers - van Mierlo from Someren as the 100th cow reached this milestone. Of course, this is only achievable with healthy practical cows that achieve this longevity and high life productions. It is a confirmation for livestock farmers; they now see the bull choices made proven in practice. Picture: Daughtergroup Shogun NRM 2010

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